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40ft Electric Knuckle Boom

Main Use:
Articulating boom lifts (knuckle booms) are used for reaching up and over machinery, equipment, and other obstacles mounted on floors, and for reaching other elevated positions not easily approached by a scissor lifts, used in factories, mills on soid level ground only. driveable machines make painting and indoor work an ease. Electric unit means no diesel emmisions. Can only be used if there are correct ground conditions.

Product Information:
For higher jobs this machine may be rotated 360 degrees. It has a platform height of 12.19 metres and a horizontal outreach of 6.83 metres. The boom can be raised or lowered from vertical to below horizontal and extended while the work platform remains horizontal and stable, many features such as bucket slew, fly slew, etc. It can be maneuvered forward or backward and steered in any direction by the operator from the work platform, even while the basket is elevated, able to drive at full elevation and have chassis widths that provide access to narrow industrial aisleways and congested work areas.


Required Transport and Safety Equipment Legends
Tilt trailer truck Protective eyewear Protective hearing Protective hat License Required Safety harness