Toro Mini Digger

Main Use:
Used for landscaping. Move & level soil, mulch, sand, gravel & rubble, load trailers, trucks & bins. Trenching and back filling for cable laying and irrigation, Fencing and planting; A range of augers for hole boring.

Product Information:
Narrow access, reliable great for getting larger jobs done quickly. Comes on it’s own trailer so you can tow yourself. Runs on Diesel fuel. A huge range of Attachments available.

Height: 1200mm(4')
Bucket Capacity: 0.11m3
Max Speed: 6km/h
Motor: 20hp Diesel
Width: 1040mm(3'8")
Length: 2000mm (6'6")
Operating Weight: 850kg (1900lbs)
Trencher: 150mm wide, 900mm depth
Auger: 8", 12", 14", 18", 24"


Required Transport and Safety Equipment Legends
Tow behind car Protective Clothing Protective eyewear Protective hearing Protective gloves