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Hilti 3000 Hammer Heavy Breaker

Main Use:

Heavy demolition of concrete at floor or ground level, Breaking up asphalt in road building, road repair and pipe laying work. Heavy demolition in situations where use of a compressor and air tools is difficult or impossible.

Product Information:

Impressive breaking performance, minimal vibration, less than 7m/s², Active Vibration Reduction: compared with conventional types, power tools equipped with AVR reduce vibration by up to 2/3 and thus offer efficient protection from the effects of long term exposure to vibration. Versatile, easy to operate, easy to transport and ready for use in minutes, which pays off especially in smaller demolition jobs and self sharpening polygon chisels

Required Transport and Safety Equipment Legends
Fit in wagon Fit in ute Protective Clothing Protective mask Protective eyewear Protective hearing Protective hat Protective gloves