What hours are you open?

Baxter Hire is open Monday - Friday 7am to 5pm, and Saturdays 7:30am - 12pm. We are closed on Sundays. Check opening times during Public Holidays.

What regions do you service?

We service all of the South East SA region and South West Victoria, and will deliver anywhere your job is located. Our branch is located in Mount Gambier at 104 Penola Road, Mount Gambier, South Australia.

What do I need to hire equipment?

To hire, you will need proof of I.D, eg. Driver's Licence. Payment will be required by cash or card.

Do you charge for consumables?

Yes – items such as fuel and consumables on a 'pay for what you use basis'. Consumables can be quoted before you hire.

Do quoted rates include all charges?

Quoted rates include GST, they will not necessarily cover fuel used or consumables or chargeable wear e.g., diamond cutters Quoted prices are based on availability at the time of the quote. Booking items well in advance needs to be confirmed when the pick-up time comes near. Always ask if you require your item to be delivered.

What happens if I have a problem with the equipment or the job?

We want your job to be successful and hassle-free, so if you’re having issues we urge you to call us immediately so we can get you working again ASAP. We pride ourselves on our prompt response when you run into difficulties with the hired item

What happens if I return my item early?

We charge for the hire of the item, and all items are charged on an 8 hour rate and need to be returned within 24 hours from the time of hiring. Returning early does not necessarily reduce the hire cost.

What happens if I hire an item for a day but keep it longer?

We have daily, weekly and monthly rates. If you do not have an established credit account with us, you will need to pay in advance.

Do you charge cleaning?

All general cleaning is included in hire costs; mud, dirt, paint, concrete, render and other materials that are not easily removed with a water blaster will incur an additional charge. It is therefore in your best interests to try and remove these whilst wet prior to returning the equipment.

Is the equipment insured?

You need to check your own insurance policy to check your cover, as when you hire from Baxter Hire you are responsible for the safety and must take all measures to maintain and protect the hire equipment from damage or theft.

Am I responsible for the equipment after I’ve offhired it?

Yes. You are responsible for the equipment from the moment you receive it, until you return it (or we pick it up). This includes the time from which you call us to collect it (always make sure you receive an offhire number) until it is safely in the hands of Baxter Hire staff. If you have concerns around keeping equipment safe, please advise us and we will do our best to advise you.

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